Early 2024 will bring with it new Evie and Nixon Newell content entries at Team Kick Source. Six entries pertaining to Evie and six to Nixon will arrive covering more classic matches from their independent wrestling days. This update has been delayed a few times due to a constant flow of present content occupying time since August. So, it's still being worked on. I'll post the day it'll be up once the update is complete. The content entries will feature screen captures, GIFS and reCaps.

Nixon's entries will focus on battles featuring long-time frenemy Kay Lee Ray. Relive a series of hardcore style matches highlighted in our recent Nixon & KLR Daily Doses of History Week. This update gets topped off with the remaining three Stardom entries featuring KLR and Nixon as a team. The previously added Nixon in Stardom entries recently got upgraded content.

The Evie entries will highlight singles battles from SHIMMER and SHINE against Mia Yim, Nicole Savoy, Nicole Matthews and Santana Garrett. In addition, relive Evie in a four way match against Allysin Kay, Kellie Skater and Nicole Savoy. This update is topped off with Team Slap Happy (Evie & Heidi Lovelace a.k.a. Ruby Soho) against Mount Tessa.

In addition to archive content, Team Kick Source will continue to be updated with the latest content pertaining to Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox and Kai's faction Damage CTRL. Latest content includes RAW, SmackDown, Main Event, Premium Live Events, This is Awesome, The Bump and/or any other current shows they could appear on. Content is made available as soon as possible following the broadcast or release with certain content upgraded to better quality at a later date when available. Damage CTRL content not featuring Dakota Kai is kept to key events.

Daily Doses of Dakota Kai History and Daily Doses of Tegan Nox History will continue on Twitter. This daily feature highlights their work from the independent wrestling days all the way to present WWE. X marks the spot for so be sure to give the Twitter a follow if not already.

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