Quotes from Captain Kota and Some of Her Cohorts
Disclaimer: None of These are Real (That We Know)

"They don't want you to sing C'est La Vie." - Tegan

"Reina is looking at you like a future meal ticket." - Shayna

"If I act like her can I least pretend to win it?" - Dakota

"Move a bit so I can grab some hair for my box." - Isla

"I told you KaiTay is better than TayKai!" - Dakota

"Who dares besmirch the name Carol Danvers." - Tegan

"Next time just let me sing." - Dakota

"Time for some fucking GTA bitches!" - Dakota

"I won and only got a fucking pat on the back." - Dakota

"The dinner wasn't burnt. Just original crispy." - Shayna


"Keep the belt warm for me until Stand & Deliver." - Dakota

"Here's Kota and Noxy!" - Dakota

"Ladders. Ladies. LIMBO!" - Dakota.

"Momkota, wanna get matching gear for the Dusty?" - Cora
"Spoilers, my little tangelo. Now they'll change it." - Dakota

"Voices told me today was New Years Eve." - Dakota

"Don't poke a loony bear mkay?" - Dakota

"Just Big Dawg auditioning for the Bloodline." - Dakota

"Sarray didn't just do Metamorphmagus shit." - Dakota
Nixon Text: "You paid attention during our marathons!"

"They are actually doing the Women's Dusty!" - Dakota

"Sorry, I know Isys wanted a new toy." - Wendy
"Isys will forgive me. Isys will forgive." - Dakota

"Uh hell no. I'm not a battering ram." - Dakota

"Wait. You want me to put you through a table?" - Dakota

"Wherever." - Wendy | "Whatever." - Dakota

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