Chapter 12 Part 1 | The Gathering

February 9, 2024. Charlotte, North Carolina. Spectrum Center. SmackDown. Dakota Kai wanted to know why Bayley hasn't been responding to her messages. Bayley wanted to know where Kai was last week. Dakota had medical stuff but insisted she wasn't in the know about what IYO SKY had planned. Bayley didn't believe that, convinced Dakota was against her. Dakota told Bayley to chill out and listen to her side of the story. Kai explained that she's felt caught in the middle between her two friends.

Kai said she always believed in the sisterhood of Damage CTRL. The original trio. She gave food for thought that Asuka & Kairi Sane poisoned IYO's mind against Bayley. She thought they could trust Kairi despite Bayley's torrid past with her. Bayley questioned why Dakota didn't tell her. Dakota explained that after the Royal Rumble, she thought Damage CTRL could be at peace after Bayley went after the Women's World Championship like she promised the group.

Bayley wanted Dakota to choose her side: The Joshi Trio or Bayley. IYO SKY along with WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Asuka & Kairi Sane wanted to know whose side Dakota was on too. They circled the ring. Dakota grabbed a chair, looking pissed as hell at Bayley. That Buffoon was about to finally get what she deserved. Then something unexpected happened. Maybe. Dakota swung off The Joshi Trio. They evaded the swings so nobody got hit. A clue or just pure luck?

The crowd wanted Dakota and Bayley to hug it out. But they would not. Soon? Nope? Time will tell. For now though, the Damage CTRL OG and the former leader stood side by side.

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