This is The Tale of The Reaper & Evil Queen. The Story of Dakota Kai versus Mandy Rose.

From fall a reaper was born. Her soul had broken. Only in burial could there someday be rebirth.

The Reaper's quest for vengeance inadvertently ascended an Evil Queen to the throne.

But The Reaper made it quite clear: She did not do what she did to help the Evil Queen.

The Reaper made just as clear once vengeance was quenched she was coming for her.

For that to happen The Reaper was forced to briefly align with the Evil Queen against a mutual foe.

But the Evil Queen and her minions looked down upon her and merely tolerated her.

Even as she walked a path of vengeance The Reaper's once good heart cried out to her.

But the demons of her mind haunted in her that ideals like friendship only lead to demise.

She tried to fight the voices to no avail and the sun set on the once noble warrior.

But the loss to the Warrior of the Sun rose The Reaper on a path to reflection.

She met a sleepy orange soda lover who chose to see the good still within her. They formed a team.

The Reaper was reincarnated. She fully embraced the fans again and finally buried her past.

She rediscovered the power of friendship and fought her demons to find peace within herself.

One day an attack on her new friend by ole Toxic teammates reformed a powerful alliance from her past.

Together they defeated the Evil Queen's minions and upset the balance of the kingdom.

While The Reaper was reborn a knight, the Evil Queen laid waste to other knights of the old realm.

The Evil Queen and her minions struck hard, taking down the reborn alliance and their friend.

But their odious actions ignited a furious fire in the last of the knights of the old realm.

Could The Last Knight dethrone the Evil Queen and FINALLY sit upon the throne?

The Knight fought her heart out as always. Sadly the Toxicity would seal her fate.

From Girl Next Door to The Last & Forever Knight. Her Name is Dakota Kai.

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