Once Upon a Time in the WWE Universe...

There was a girl with a shiny wizard. There was another with balls tougher than Dragonglass. Mutual enemies brought them together. In the Summer 2020 they tore the house down against a boss and a role model. But they never got the rematch the world and they wanted. In the fall the girl with the shiny wizard sustained an unfortunate injury while the ballsy badass went forward on her own until going to war and finding a new partner yet never a replacement.

Fate brought the girl with the shiny wizard and ballsy badass back together when they moved up to a new blue land. Yet they never quite got a chance to show what they could deliver, barely getting a televised match over a few minutes. Many of their segments were online only. On the plus side they beat the tag team champions a few times, yet on the not plus side they never got that title match. They were broken up. One vanished from the universe while the other remained on a new path.

Despite the parting they still stuck up for each other. But the tag team as we knew them was as gone as the ballsy badasses' tank was for a time. Their quirky humor and banter is sorely missed. They never got to pull enough hair from a nose. We can only think of what could have been and so The Legend of the Lady Wizardballs will forever live on in our hearts and minds. And on this website in the middle of nowhere.

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