Mood Most Foul

January 22, 2024. New Orleans, Louisiana. Smoothie King Center. Monday Night RAW. It has not been a great couple months for Tegan Nox & Natalya since losing to Kayden Carter & Katana Chance on the December 4, 2023 episode of RAW. That loss was followed by two more loses to Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark. Chance and Carter went onto win the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles while Nox and Natalya found themselves on a losing streak. The mood of Nox and Natalya fouled when the current #1 contenders Asuka & Kairi Sane decided to visit RAW

The Kabuki Warriors attacked Chance and Carter as they were confronting other potential contenders in Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark. Dakota Kai joined Asuka and Kairi in the ring, showing support to her Damage CTRL sisters. Moments later backstage, Nox and Natalya confronted Dakota, Asuka, Kairi and Bayley. This was a reunion of former friends Kai and Nox who hadn't interacted since clashing during the 2023 Women's Royal Rumble.

Natalya lashed out at Asuka and Kairi, asking them if they thought they could just come to RAW and get away with attacking Katana and Kayden. Kai fired back, asking Natalya why she cares. Tegan questioned why the SmackDown stars were even there. She makes a good point because there are brand split rules to adhere to. Nox and Natalya argued with the four until RAW GM Adam Pearce calmed them down. Pearce asked Nox and Natalya to take their leave which they did. But not before Natalya remarked that Nox and her are tired of being disrespected.

Things haven't been going a good way for Nox and Natalya. Seeing the top contenders from another brand show up and make a statement on what locker room leader Natalya considers her turf had to worsen that sting. Natalya takes great pride in being a locker room leader. But recently some have questioned if her mother hen tendencies have caused her to treat Nox as her understudy instead of her equal. If that is true, perhaps it's why they have had difficulty picking up wins in the last month? Just some food for thought to end this entry on.

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