Alive! Alive! Alive!

January 27, 2024. St. Petersburg, Florida. Tropicana Field. Royal Rumble. The clock hit zero. The buzzer went off. Number 12 made her long run to the ring. Would her third time competing in the Royal Rumble be the lucky charm for Tegan Nox? The Welsh Dragon came in spitting fire. A charging uppercut to Bayley. Katana Chance got a chokeslam and PK to the chest. Bayley had no respite hiding in the corner, struck with Cannonboar. Nox climbed to the top rope and landed the Molly-Go-Round on Bayley.

A mauling clothesline from surprise entrant TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace put an end to Nox's momentum. Tegan's current tag team partner Natalya saved Nox from a powerbomb over the top rope elimination courtesy of Jordynne. Natalya tricked Nox into a hug to try and toss her out of the ring. Nox anticipated and reversed course, tossing Natalya to score her first ever Royal Rumble elimination. Unfortunately, it would be her only one this time because Bayley crept up from behind like the snake she is and eliminated Tegan.

Natalya going every woman for herself is what the Royal Rumble is all about. But it's wise to keep an ally for as long as possible. Natalya didn't and it got Nox and her eliminated. In a post-match WWE Digital Exclusive, Natalya admitted she should have been mad at Nox but wasn't. Natalya really liked what she saw from Nox, saying she's finally getting it and coming alive. The third generation wrestler finished declaring this was the start of a beautiful friendship. I spied a little grin from Natalya as she left.

Some have questioned if Natalya and Nox have an equal partnership. Even wondering if the lack of one is why they have been on a losing streak since December. If those things are true, could this be a sign that Natalya now sees Nox as her equal? This Chronicler thinks there are some interesting times ahead for The Welsh Dragon and Queen of Harts as their nearly year-long saga rolls on.

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Additional Information | Tegan Nox (1:22) competed in the 2024 Women's Royal Rumble, entering at #12. Royal Rumble 2024 on January 27, 2024 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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