That Darn Chelsea!

Tegan Nox & Natalya had finally ended their five match losing streak with a win over Chelsea Green & Piper Niven. February 15, 2024. Rupp Arena. Lexington, Kentucky. WWE Main Event. Tegan now looked for her first singles victory of 2024 when she battled the original pain in the ass Chelsea Green. Piper Niven and Natalya were not present at ringside.

The bell rang. They locked up. Tegan powered Chelsea to the corner in a lockup. After Nox broke clean, Chelsea grabbed the referee to try and use her as her personal shield. That was not successful so she went for another lockup, getting wrestled down to the canvas as Nox and her jockeyed for position there. Chelsea managed to her feet still in the lockup, using the ropes to leverage herself above Tegan. She thought herself clever but Nox proved more so, breaking her grip on Chelsea who tumbled off the second rope crashing face first to the canvas.

Chelsea angrily came at Nox who arm dragged her twice, followed with a charging uppercut. Nox dropped Green with a sitout gourdbuster, however Chelsea rolled to the floor to avoid a pin. Chelsea wanted a powder but Tegan said nope, launching herself off the apron crashing Green to the floor with a tumbleweed. Nox rolled Chelsea back into the ring but Green quickly cut off Tegan's climb to the top. A pump kick followed, sitting Tegan on the top rope.

Green draped Tegan's head across the middle rope and exited to the apron. There Green used the top rope as a spring, delivering a modified curb stomp to Nox with a nasty whiplash effect that slumped Tegan down to the canvas. Green went for two pinfall attempts but Nox kicked out. Chelsea tried to keep Nox grounded with a chinlock but Tegan countered it into a roll-up for two. Tegan smacked Green across the chest twice. Chelsea struck back with a slap to the face.

Chelsea brought Tegan to the canvas with a running sunset flip. Nox and Green reversed a series of pin attempts. After Chelsea failed to crucifix pin Nox, Tegan and her exchanged strikes. Both went for headbutts, staggering each other but staying a foot. Tegan came at Green with two clotheslines and another charging uppercut. Chelsea propped herself up in the corner only to get smashed with a third charging uppercut. Tegan struck Green with a gamengiri followed by Cannonboar.

Tegan ascended to the top rope and took graceful flight, landing a crossbody. Green impressively reversed it though upon landing, stacking Tegan up for the pinfall victory with an unimpressive tug of the tights. Even with her opponent using such an underhanded tactic, Tegan was still flabbergasted by the outcome. It was a disappointing loss for Tegan, but even more so because she was forced to endure Chelsea boasting about it from the aisle like a petulant booger.

Tegan Nox vs. Chelsea Green Content

Additional Information | Chelsea Green defeated Tegan Nox (5:00) on the February 15, 2024 episode of WWE Main Event at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.

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