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February 19, 2024. Anaheim, California. Honda Center. Monday Night RAW. Tegan Nox was part of the field in a Last Chance Battle Royal to determine the sixth and final competitor in the Women's Elimination Chamber Match. The chamber winner will face the Women's World Champion at WrestleMania 40. So for Tegan, the opportunity to secure herself a spot on the elusive WrestleMania card. On top of that in a championship match for what would be her first time competing in a match at WrestleMania.

Another battle royal competitor was her regular tag team partner Natalya whom Nox kindly held open the ropes for. The bell rang and Tegan went right after her long-time frenemy Kay Lee Ray, known these days by the name Alba Fyre. Nox briefly worked alongside her buddy Michin to try and eliminate Shayna Baszler. Speaking of friends, Tegan saved her current Natalya from getting eliminated by Alba not once but twice. The first time, Nox fought off getting eliminated by Raquel Rodriguez then darted from the apron all the way across the ring to make the heroic save.

After the second save, Tegan lured Natalya into a hug, sticking her tongue out and hurrying her toward the ropes for an elimination. But Natalya reversed, eliminating Nox. Tegan had that should have know look as she sat on the floor in defeat. Soon after, Natalya would get eliminated by Ivy Nile.

Natalya lured Tegan into a hug to try and eliminate her during the 2024 Women's Royal Rumble. Nox saw it coming from the side of her eye, reversing course to toss Natalya. This time, Nox did the luring and Natalya anticipated it, eliminating Tegan. With a chance to compete in the Elimination Chamber put to rest, Tegan Nox will now have to find another path to hopefully secure a match on the WrestleMania 40 card.

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Additional Information | Tegan Nox competed in a Last Chance Battle Royal to Qualify for the Women's Elimination Chamber Match during the February 19, 2024 episode of Monday Night RAW at Honda Center in Anaheim, California. The match would be won by Raquel Rodriguez.

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